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Rental Home BD is a service apartment initiative of Navigation BD which is an integral part as a local service company of BJIT Group, an internationally reputed conglomerate of more than a decade of success, specialized in software development and IT services with business ventures in other fields of service as well. Since the inception of Rental Home BD in 2012, it has continuously proven itself to be dynamic, persistent and innovative in providing both on-line and off-line services to its customers at its best on the basis of having a strong management team at the helm and a solid financial backbone to support in their endeavours.

So, when you are opting to invest in Rental Home BD, not only you are provided with the best effort but also get a long lasting commitment to your welfare from Navigation BD.

With our extensive property search options, this website has created a significantly more convenient and effective way for property finders to find their next property regardless of their criteria of any kind. 

We also provide a variety of services after the property is selected to be 'the chosen one' by the tenant or the new owner.