User sign up on rentalhomeBD.com is very simple and completely free! You can either click on the right top ‘Sign In’ menu and go to the ‘Sign Up’ page and fill out your details, or you can create an account automatically by clicking on the right top “post property” or “ post tenant requirement” menu. Once you have signed up, system will generate an activation link and emailed to you with instructions on how to activate your account.
User sign up on rentalhomeBD.com is very simple and absolutely FREE! Just “Sign Up” and enjoy member benefits.
If you forget your password or your password is not recognized by the website, click on “Forgot your password” and provide your email id which one you have used to signed up. After submit the form system will send an email with instruction to change your password.
If you would like to set a new password, sign in your account and go to ‘Dashboard’. Then click on “Change Password” menu and follow the instructions to change your password successfully.
To change account detail user must have to login first then go to "Dashboard >> Manage Account" or "Profile >> Manage Account" and change your account details as per your desire. Please note that the email address for your account cannot be changed after your account has been activated.
No, anyone can use rentalhomeBD.com search to find properties/tenant requirements. To avail the member benefits like list your own property, post tenant requirements user need to register.
rentalhomeBD.com offer following search options:- - Basic Search: This is positioned in top right of header section and it helps you find properties or tenant requirements quickly on the basis of the property title, code & type. System will auto suggest user depend on character written in text field. - Quick search: On site home page you will get the quick search option, using that you will able to search properties or tenant requirements switching through tab and selecting desired information from search form. - Advance Search: You may get the advance search option by clicking on "Advanced Search" link from quick search option. Using that you will able to search both properties and tenant requirements using more search criteria depend on from which tab you actually come from. You can also search properties and tenant requirements through menu item "Find Property" and "Find Tenant Requirement" respectively. - Map Search: You may get map search option by clicking on "Map Search" link or "Bangladesh Map" image from quick search option. Using that you will able to search both properties and tenant requirements using more search criteria depend on from which tab you actually come from. Here search result will show in map and by clicking on map flag you may view the detail about respective properties or tenant requirements.
To post an ad on rentalhomeBD.com is easy, simple and quick! Simply click on "Post Property” from dashboard or click on menu item "Ads>>Post Property" and follow the instructions. To post a to-let you must have to be a registered member of rentalhomeBD.com and logged in.
To delete your property post go to "My Ads" from dashboard or click on menu item "Ads>>My Ads" and find your desired post and click on cross icon. You must have to logged in to access these information.
To edit/update your property post go to "My Ads" from dashboard or click on menu item "Ads>>My Ads" and find your desired post and click on pencil icon. You must have to logged in to access these information.
No, you can post your tolet without any cost on rentalhomeBD.com.
rentalhomeBD.com authority review all post manually before published to filter fraud and spam so it may take up to 1 hour. If you still could not find your ad after 1 hour then it may violate our posting rules. If you did not get any response from us till 24 hours then you may have given us wrong email address or information during post the ad. You may post again or contact us. If you are post owner and your post is not showing on "My ads" page please go to "Filter my ads" menu and click on reset button hope post will show on list.
rentalhomeBD.com authority review all post manually before published, your post may be rejected if you violate our posting rules.
rentalhomeBD.com strongly recommend write a good title, provide detailed information, upload proper clear & original image and video in your add to increase response. You may take a look on our tips section to get proper guideline about quality posting.
To get quick response we have introduced premium membership for the property owners. The premium membership of a property owner will be chosen on the basis of payment. There are two types of premium members of our service as such a following way: • Gold member (who pays more money) • Silver member (who pays less money) Premium members will get following facilities from us - -Your property will be shown on home page ordered by Gold, Silver membership -The users can see the premium features (image gallery, map location, video) of your property that helps to find what their desired property is. -Ten recently posted ads will be shown in slider on all pages of rentalhomeBD.com So premium members post will get higher traffic from visitors as a result response will increase.
The rules for posting tolet in our site are given below: A property that is located in Bangladesh A valid phone number or email address Text in the title or description that is related to the advertised property Pictures, videos that match or clearly show the advertised property A specific property, e.g. a description of a flat, apartment or company in general terms Not to post the same content as another live ad, or the same content as another ad that was posted within the last 48 hours Not to post multiple properties in the same ad
If you want to read our site in Bengali, first of all click on the right top Bangladeshi flag image. Then you can visit everything in our site through Bengali language. rentalhomeBD.com uses Unicode to display Bengali text. If you are using Windows XP or an earlier version, you may need to set up Bengali Unicode support in order to view our Bengali site. Step 1: Add Unicode language support. - Download the iComplex installer and follow the instructions. Step 2: Add Bengali fonts - Download Bengali fonts from here - Copy the font files to your systems "Font" directory. Step 3: Refresh RentalhomeBD.com.
If you don’t have a built-in Bengali keyboard, there are a few methods you can use to type in Bengali: - Download typing software, such as Avro Keyboard or Google Input Tools - Use an online keyboard, such as Google Transliteration, and then copy-paste the Bengali text over to rentalhomeBD.com. - For some mobile phone users, it may be possible to use an online converter, such as Write Bengali, or to obtain a Bengali keyboard through a Smartphone app.
If you, the property owners or the tenants, want to know more about our services which are not covered in FAQ, you can easily communicate with us. To communicate with us please go to "Contact Us" page and write your comment/problem or use contact information given on that page.
Yes, you can get both tenant and owner through rentalhomeBD.com. You can click "Find Property" menu to find out all the information about the property owner as well as "Find Tenant Requirements" for the tenant. You can contact with tenant or owner through their contact numbers that is available in our site.
rentalhomeBD.com allow users to directly contact with post owner. To contact with post owner click on “Mailed to Owner” on the bottom of post detail page then write your message on popup form and send it.
rentalhomeBD.com allow users to create a wish list of properties. To create a wish list you have to click on "Add to wish list" button on the bottom of property detail page. It will keep record of interested properties and user will able to access that later. User must have to logged in before going to add a property to wish list.
rentalhomeBD.com allow users to share any specific property link with their friends. To share a link with friend just click on "Mail to friend" button, fill the form and send; desired friend will get notification from site.
You can place your query to our customer care department through contact us form or use contact information given on that page.
rentalhomeBD.com allow you to upload a maximum of 20 images in the profile. The other requirements are- Image Size—– Not more than 3(Three) Mb Image Type—— *.gif, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.png
rentalhomeBD.com allow you to write embed code of YouTube for property video.
It is the most cost effective way to reach the mass without any hassle. Using our custom solution you can easily listing your properties and promote your company by placing ads in our site. Property Owner’s benefits • Free ad posting for your residential and commercial property • Property ad. post for once in a lifetime with the opportunity for future rental purpose • Able to show detail information along with location map, pictures, video and many more • Able to show your property to millions of potential and educated tenants • Manage all your property listings easily on our platform • Available support team for listing your property info, pictures, video, etc. • Provide full service (tenant deal, verification, contract paper & sign, etc.) to rent your property • Avoid unnecessary tenant visit and phone calls by listing your property in our platform • Save money and effort by using information technology • Experienced property management call center available on Sun-Fri at 9am to 6pm. Property Tenant’s benefits • No service charge to access rental property information and free membership • Find desired property easily from our largest property database • Access 24 hours rental property information • Provide tenant required all information regarding rental property • Available owner’s contact information for further inquiry • Email alert with matching property list based on tenant rental property requirements • Access rental property information anywhere, anytime. Save your time, money and energy
rentalhomeBD.com allow 3 type of advertisement, those are Textual Ads, Image Ads and Video Ads. Advertisement could be Fixed Banner or Shared Banner. Advertisement could place in home page, property detail and search result page; positions are left, right bottom; depend on positions banner size varies, those are Ad size for left position in pixels: 165X100, 165X130, 165X190 and 165X245 Ad size for right position in pixels: 360X200, 360X300 Ad size for bottom position in pixels: 560X38
Yes, property owner may have multiple live property posting at a time; rentalhomeBD.com allow users to add multiple property listing under single account and they can archive those for future advertisement.
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