Advertise with us offers a complete advertising solution for their prospective customers, which equips the advertising requirements with various types and budget. advertisements are categorized depend on types, slots and positions. Advertisement could be Fixed Banner or Shared Banner, different sizes and placed in different pages. Here shared banners will work depend on location, which will viewable in any matched city/area, matched from the location by search-result and user's major interest.


Available advertisement pages:

a) Home page       b) All static content pages       c) Rental Property & Tenant Requirement list pages      d) Property-detail page       e) Search-result page


Available advertisement types:

a) Textual Ads       b) Image Ads       c) Video Ads

Textual Ads:This is simply a text based plain ads, ads could be hyperlinked to target URL.

Image Ads:This ads is based on flat images and animated images. Supported image formats are *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.gif and *.png.

Video Ads:It is based on YouTube advertisement content.


Available advertisement slots:

a) Left       b) Right       c) Bottom

Left:This slot is available on homepage, static content pages, rent & seeking list pages and search-result pages. There are six positions with the available resolutions (in pixels):

ü  165 X 254 (1 position)

ü  165 X 190 (1 position)

ü  165 X 130 (2 positions)

ü  165 X 100 (2 positions)


Right: This slot is available on all types of pages mentioned in advertisement pages section. Page-wise specification can be given below:


ü  Homepage, Listing Page:It has only one position right above the pagination with a fixed resolution of 560 X 38 (in pixels).

ü  Search Result Pages:Same as above, but this slot is used to advertise based on locations (city-wise area, or the whole city, or even whole Bangladesh).

ü  Static Contents Page:It has also one position, but with the resolution 780 X 250 (in pixels).

ü  Property Details Page:Same policy as that of Static Content Page, except this is for location based advertisements as of Search Result Page.


Bottom:This slot has four positions and are available in all types of pages. The available resolutions (in pixels) are:

ü  400 X 400 (1 position, booked for premium property posting)

ü  400 X 300 (1 position)

ü  400 X 200 (2 positions)


Note: All types of advertisement placement will done depend upon availability of slot and position


For your expansion of business, for custom size ad post, for the purpose to rent your property, for any advice regarding the property, for any information about ad posting pricing please feel free to contact with us. Our helpline will be available to answer your queries delightfully from 9.00 a.m. to 700 p.m. Sunday – Friday (Be sure to check your time zone).


Help Line:

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